Company Aims to Make Homes More 'Green'

Summerville, South Carolina

June 16, 2009 - "Energy efficient equipment that is market-ready should be manufactured immediately here in Dorchester County,"” said Mike Elrod, Managing Director of Eccotemp, one of Dorchester County’s newest "green house" companies.

Elrod is working with government representatives, both in the state and nationally, asking them to use their influence to break down barriers that prevent meaningful changes to energy policy.

In return, Eccotemp can be a model for tools already on the table. Eccotemp currently has products that concentrate on heating water at the greatest efficiencies and residential heating and air conditioning, areas which together comprise over 75 percent of a home's energy consumption. Hot water alone consumes more energy than all lighting and appliances combined.

That is the reason Eccotemp began operation in 2006 when the technology became available. Switching from storing hot water in a tank to a tankless water heater saves 40 percent in energy cost right off the top. Dorchester County could become the nation’s leader in emerging energy technologies when Eccotemp begins assembling their new heat pump water heaters locally.

For more information about Eccotemp, contact Michael Elrod at 843-478-7518.