Dorchester County High School Students Receive Work Ethic Certification

St. George, South Carolina

June 4, 2013 - During the recent Senior Dinner held at Woodland High School on May 29, 2013, certificates were awarded to those students who successfully completed the newly implemented Work Ethic Certificate Program.

The program was developed as an initiative outlined by the 2012 Dorchester County Economic Development Strategic Plan to improve the quality of our young and emerging workforce. Work Ethic was also cited as a barrier to success by Dorchester County industries as a result of the Year-End Survey, which is distributed annually by Dorchester County Economic Development. 

The program's criteria address the top thirteen work ethic traits most desired by local employers.  These traits include attendance, punctuality, character, teamwork, appearance, Netiquette, attitude and critical thinking, productivity, organizational skills, communication, cooperation, and respect. 

The participating students were introduced to the program and given detailed information and real-world examples that would relate to workplace scenarios. Throughout the program period, student behavior was monitored and evaluated using the program matrix, which emphasizes the desired workplace skills. 

The pilot program, also introduced to the students at the Dorchester County Career and Technology Center, resulted in a total of 49 students receiving their certifications. This certificate can be attached to employment or college applications to provide further verification of their work-ready skills and higher level of professional development. 

Before awarding the certificates, Dorchester County Councilman Willie Davis, applauded the students by stating, "You are all exceptional students here tonight because you've earned your high school diploma. The students who also earned the Work Ethic Certificate have demonstrated that they are more than ready to become a part of our growing workforce and we are proud of you all."

The program will again be introduced to students next year at Woodland High School and Dorchester County Career and Technology Center.   

About Dorchester County Economic Development

Dorchester County Economic Development is the organization responsible for growing and retaining business in the County. Its mission is to work to create and support an environment that welcomes business, and helps companies to grow and succeed over the long-term. This ultimately will increase the standard of living for all of Dorchester County's citizens by providing more job opportunities with higher skills and better wages.