Dorchester County Receives Regional Recognition for Technology-Driven Marketing Campaign

Summerville, South Carolina

August 15, 2012 - Dorchester County Economic Development received the Award of Merit from the Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC) for a technology-driven marketing campaign in the Council's annual Communication Awards competition. The awards were formally announced during the regional organization's yearly conference that was held during August 5-7, 2012, in Myrtle Beach, SC.

The marketing campaign consisted of four, high-definition testimonial videos that centered on Dorchester County's unique location. Funded by a generous grant from Santee Cooper, the project was first initiated to improve the visual interest of the Economic Development website, but then quickly advanced into a mobile marketing opportunity to reach developers and site selection consultants with "on-the-go" needs.

As a one-stop creative solution company and designer of the Economic Development website, UniMedia was commissioned for this project to maintain branding and design consistency. During an intense two days of production, UniMedia was able to capture footage at ArborGen, Robert Bosch, Scout Boats, and Showa Denko Carbon. Each video is approximately three minutes in length and narrated by corporate-level executives that conveyed their unique experience of doing business in Dorchester County.

With over 20 categories available for acknowledgement, eligible nominations for this year's competition reflected only those projects created during June 2011 and June 2012 that included entries for advertisements, annual reports, and audiovisual, just to name a few. As the oldest and largest economic development organization in the nation, SEDC has cultivated this competition as a means to promote excellence in and among economic development agencies throughout the Southeast. 

To best represent the diversity among this industry, submissions have been historically judged by small, medium, and large divisions, and awarded either Best of Class, Superior, Excellent, or Merit.  Placing again in the medium division, the 2012 competition marks a consecutive win for Dorchester County.

"We are honored to receive this prestigious award for our marketing campaign," said Dorchester County Council Chairman Larry Hargett. "This campaign not only showcased the diversity of our existing industries, but creatively illustrated that Dorchester County is a place where companies can grow globally. It also afforded an opportunity for our industries to get involved and excited about their community."

"These annual Communication Awards recognize and showcase the leading marketing work done by economic development professionals throughout the South. Dorchester County Economic Development hit the mark this year with its campaign. This campaign not only showed creativity, but also solid messaging and effectiveness at reaching its target audience. We were wowed by all the entries we received this year, and were impressed with the high level of marketing work being done in economic development by SEDC members," said SEDC President Gene Stinson after the awards ceremony.

Since its inception over 65 years ago, SEDC has expanded to include members from 17 states in the American South with a distinct mission to provide useful information and dynamic leadership to economic development practitioners for the continued opportunity to "connect, develop, and grow."

"We strive each year to produce high-quality, marketing materials to promote Dorchester County," said Jon Baggett, Dorchester County Economic Development Director. "With so many technological advances, it is important for us to continually evolve our marketing efforts to better compete in a global market. Receiving honors from SEDC two years in a row is a great accomplishment for us, and reaffirms that our team is on the right track."

To view the testimonial videos included in the marketing campaign, visit or access the videos from your mobile device at

About Dorchester County Economic Development

Dorchester County Economic Development is the organization responsible for growing and retaining business in the County. Its mission is to work to create and support an environment that welcomes business, and helps companies to grow and succeed over the long-term. This ultimately will increase the standard of living for all of Dorchester County's citizens by providing more job opportunities with higher skills and better wages.

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