Lauscha Fiber International Corp Announces Expansion in Dorchester County

Summerville, South Carolina

November 2, 2010 - Dorchester County announced that Lauscha Fiber International Corp. will expand its facility in Dorchester County. The $2.5 million investment is expected to generate 10 new jobs.

"Lauscha's announcement furthers their commitment to both Dorchester County and South Carolina. Their decision to expand their facility is a clear sign that our business-friendly climate and skilled workforce are helping our existing businesses grow and prosper," commented Jamie Feltner, Chairman of the Dorchester County Council.

"Our decision to invest in this location further reinforces our commitment to grow with our customers' business needs, and is a positive sign to our employees and the Summerville community," says Camden Arthur, Director of Global Marketing and General Manager. "The expansion will provide much needed additional capacity and greater flexibility to service our domestic and global customer base today and in the future, with the added benefit of creating jobs locally."

Lauscha Fiber is a producer of glass microfiber in Summerville, where they have conducted operations since 1995. The company utilizes a process known as flame attenuation to produce premium quality fibers for filtration, separation, insulation, and reinforcement applications. The company currently employs 37, and will expand in two stages, the first of which will commence production in November of this year.

"We are pleased that Lauscha chose to expand their facilities here," said George Tupper, Chairman of the Dorchester County Economic Development Board. "Our county has so much to offer to new and existing businesses and Lauscha's expansion helps us continue to create jobs for our citizens."

About Lauscha Fiber International Corp.

Lauscha Fiber International is a global leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of specialty glass microfibers for high performance nonwovens and specialty papers. LFI's products are used in a large variety of applications, such as air filters, oil and fuel filters, sealed lead acid batteries, and insulation products. LFI operates five production facilities in Germany, North America, Russia, and The Kingdom of Bahrain. For more information, visit the company website at