Enabling companies to access markets across the country and across the world, the county offers access to every major mode of transportation including interstates, airports, rail lines and a major shipping port.

Dorchester County is centrally located roughly halfway between New York and Miami. The area provides multi-modal transportation options to help companies receive materials and transport finished product. The area's transportation advantages include:

  • Interstate access - I-26 crosses Dorchester County along with I-95, the major corridor that runs along the East Coast.

  • A growing international airport - nearby Charleston International Airport features   120+ daily flights going to almost 20 destinations along with air cargo facilities.

  • Quick and easy access to the two major ports - Port of Charleston and the Port of Savannah.

The Port of Charleston

  • Cited by customers as the most productive container port in North America

  • Ranked first in customer satisfaction by readers of World Trade

  • Closer terminals to the open sea than any competing port

  • Uses Orion computer system to expedite cargo clearance (most cleared up to three days prior to arrival)

The presence of the Port helps bolster the rail network in the region. With the growth of intermodal shipping, rail service is increasingly important in the transfer of goods nationally. Dorchester County is served by CSX and Norfolk Southern, which both operate large local rail networks.