Companies in Dorchester County benefit from utilities that are abundant, reliable, and economical.

Ample, Affordable Power

Dorchester County offers ample and affordable power. South Carolina's electricity rates are approximately 20-25% below the national average.

South Carolina power generators use a number of fuel sources - such as oil, coal, nuclear, hydroelectric, natural gas, and methane - to provide an abundant, reliable energy supply.

  • The Charleston region is served by two generating electric utilities with a combined capacity of 10,275 megawatts.
  • The region is part of the South Carolina transmission grid, which is served by four generating utilities with a combined capacity of 19,721 megawatts.

Energy Providers:

Abundant, Reliable Water

Dorchester County offers readily available, high-quality water through the Lake Marion Regional Water System.

Managed by state-owned utility Santee Cooper, the $118 million, three-phase project has secured federal funding and has been widely supported by local and federal lawmakers. Utilizing South Carolina’s largest lake, the water system is serviced by a $30 million treatment plant.

The new Lake Marion Regional Water System will benefit citizens of Dorchester County and help make local industry more competitive.