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Dorchester County offers companies a strong and growing labor pool within County lines and a much larger talent pool within easy commuting distance.  That labor pool has earned high marks in areas such as productivity, reliability, and positive attitudes.  In addition to a ready supply of labor, companies can take advantage of South Carolina's nationally-acclaimed workforce training programs when they locate in Dorchester County.  Companies in Dorchester County also benefit from the fact that South Carolina is a right-to-work state, and as a result, the Charleston Region has a very low unionization rate.  For more information about workforce resources please see our Workforce Resource Guide.


With an estimated 2014 population of 145,397 and employment growth rates averaging 1.2 percent per year since 2000, it is no wonder that Dorchester County is the fastest growing county in the state.  Additionally, the County has a civilian labor force exceeding 70,000 that provides a steady labor pool from which to choose to help meet the needs of Dorchester County's vibrant business community.

Training Opportunities

The County's available options of training opportunities are plentiful with a variety of state and local resources provided at little or no cost to employers looking to locate or expand in Dorchester County.  Many of the attractive training incentives offered include such benefits as potential tax credits, company-specific training, as well as access to readySC - one of the nation's premier economic development training programs.  

Workforce Development Initiatives

Dorchester County's workforce development initiatives have been established and cultivated to foster success among the County's existing industries to provide positive results and ongoing assistance.  Many of these programs have been developed based on specific needs and challenges as cited by employers.  From employer-feedback, such programs as the Dorchester County Industrial Council and the Work Ethic Certificate Program were born.