Dorchester Economic Development Corporation, a 501(c)3 charitable organization, serves as the sole economic development fundraising organization for Dorchester County, S.C. Charged with increasing the tax base and bringing jobs to residents, the County’s economic development team strives to achieve long-term positive results. Partnerships with our regional allies have allowed DEDC to help Dorchester County be more competitive for businesses seeking to grow or relocate. Private investment from our business leaders and partners supports us as we seek to achieve our goals of responsible growth and development. Additional resources will allow us to take our program of work to the next level. Advance Dorchester is, ultimately, an answer to a need to support an increased quality of life for our community.

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Each pillar was strategically chosen through a concept audit based on direct feedback from the business community and its leaders.


Dorchester County is reliant on our Partners to fund and facilitate
marketing efforts. Our marketing plan involves positioning
Dorchester County as an ideal business destination in target
industry media as well as aligning marketing strategies with the
CRDA and SCDC and aggressively tackling social media. Learn
more by exploring the initiatives in our promotional materials.

  • Update and redesign Dorchester County’s gateway to the world
  • Enhance our ability to effectively “sell” Dorchester County
  • Advertise and promote the County as an ideal business destination

Prospect Development

Prospect development is an essential function of any economic
development organization. Our regional, state and utility partners
are a tremendous help on this front, but with additional resources,
we can do even better. From research, to conference attendance
to a 'deal closing fund,' our plan will build and grow prospects on a
variety of fronts.

  • Embrace opportunities to better position Dorchester County
  • Gain exposure and build global connectivity
  • Conduct, manage, and implement research for prospect activities

Workforce Development

A lack of available skilled labor is a nationwide challenge. It is advantageous that the Charleston region is recognized as a leader in addressing this issue with innovative strategies, but Dorchester County is actively working to enhance their workforce development strategies. Learn about Dorchester's Workforce Development Plans by exploring our promotional packet.

  • Build awareness of existing workforce development resources
  • Assist employers in partnering with education partners
  • Advocate for wall-to-wall career academies in Dorchester

Product Development

Dorchester is working to enhance their product development by producing more buildings and “shovel-ready” sites. Our plan involves conducting site work and due diligence to aid in the development of spec buildings, identifying and prioritizing water and wastewater infrastructure improvements and promoting road infrastructure improvements along key business corridors.

  • Conduct site work and due diligence to aid in responsible development
  • Prioritize water and wastewater infrastructure improvements
  • Align and promote road infrastructure improvements along key business corridors


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