Dorchester County’s well-designed and reliable infrastructure can help give you peace of mind that your operations will run smoothly and help you avoid any unnecessary down time. It can also provide cost savings and give your company a competitive advantage.


Companies in Dorchester County have access to reliable and economical utility services, with water and wastewater capacity to accommodate diverse operations and an abundant energy supply from a number of fuel sources.



Dorchester County offers ample and affordable power. South Carolina’s electricity rates are approximately 20-25% below the national average. The region is part of the South Carolina transmission grid, which is served by four generating utilities with a combined capacity of 24,286 megawatts.


Dorchester County offers readily available and high-quality water services. Sourced from surface water, the county’s providers have the capacity to support your company’s needs, whether domestic or part of the manufacturing process.



Dorchester County wastewater providers work continuously to provide reliable wastewater collection and treatment systems. The economic development team and its partners work to ensure your company has the appropriate capacity and access to wastewater.

Natural Gas

Our industrial product in Dorchester County offers natural gas in most cases, providing a more cost efficient and faster source of electricity. Contact us today to determine if the site/building you are interested in has access to natural gas.


Companies doing business in Dorchester County can benefit from the Charleston region’s fiber optic, digital, and IP-based network that offers the latest and most technologically-advanced communications services. Businesses in the Charleston region tap into everything from the latest feature-rich voice and data services to advanced wireless solutions – all provided by leaders in the telecommunications industry. The Charleston region also has 19 digital switching offices.


Enabling companies to access markets across the country and across the world, the County offers access to every major mode of transportation from interstates and airports to rail lines and a major shipping port. Centrally located roughly halfway between New York and Miami, the area provides multi-modal transportation options to help companies receive materials and transport finished product.


Port of Charleston

Charleston Airport