As a direct result of the Medical University of South Carolina’s presence and continued growth in the Lowcountry, the biotech industry is an emerging cluster for Dorchester County and the Charleston Region and boasts close proximity to a wide variety of research institutions in the academic, federal & industry sectors.

Cutting Edge Bioscience Destination

South Carolina boasts a global reputation as a
manufacturing hub, crafting everything from
airplanes to bioscience breakthroughs. This
expertise fuels our rapid growth, positioning us
among the East Coast’s fastest-growing states. With
a thriving Life Science sector, more than 1,000
companies operate across 93% of our counties,
solidifying our industrial prowess.

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Bioscience Fast Facts


Growing sector in the Southeast and the state of SC


University and tech students in the Charleston region


Mid-sized metro for pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing job growth

Who’s Already Here

Industry Spotlight


Arriving in Dorchester County in 2023, EcoSteris is an innovative medical waste management company that specializes in providing environmental and healthcare integrated waste treatment and disposal solutions through the use of clean sustainable technology that meets strict national and international safety standards and regulations.