From mid-tier automotive parts suppliers to OEM component manufacturers, and vehicle assembly facilities, South Carolina’s automotive cluster is in the passing lane and gaining speed.

Where Automotive Leaders Call Home

South Carolina is the home of Volvo North America, Michelin’s North American headquarters and the only North American BMW assembly plant. While Dorchester County is home to a variety of automotive OEM and component manufacturers from Robert Bosch Corporation to United Kingdom-based Dennis Eagle.

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Automotive Fast Facts

Automotive Fast Facts


automotive-related companies call the Greater Charleston region home


industry sector in terms of employment in Dorchester County

$27 Billion

economic impact in SC created by the automotive industry

Industry Spotlight

Robert Bosch Corporation

Since 1974, Robert Bosch Corporation has anchored Dorchester County, serving as its largest private employer. The plant, Bosch’s first major manufacturing site in North America, specializes in diesel, gasoline, and chassis systems. With 2,000+ employees, it produces clean diesel injection, unit injection, fuel injection systems, and more, showing significant growth and output.