International Business

Around 40% of industrial and manufacturing businesses in Dorchester County are foreign owned. These organizations provide jobs, educational opportunities, and healthcare benefits for many of the County’s citizens, in addition to their contributions to community-at-large. We are proud to host companies from Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South America, Sweden, Switzerland, and more.

An International Destination

Global trade and investment are driving the Charleston region’s continued success. From the Port of Charleston to the automotive industry to tourism, Charleston’s industries are global in nature – with international competitors, supply chains, R&D, and talent.

Attracting and supporting foreign direct investment (FDI) is a foundational element of our market’s global competitiveness.

Charleston Regional Development Alliance

SC Department of Commerce

Making International Easy

With the most productive and efficient seaport in North America, an integrated rail and highway system, and an international airport, The Charleston Region provides seamless connections to the global marketplace. Our central location, roughly halfway between New York and Miami, offers prime access to the U.S. Southeast.



While Charleston International Airport is served by 13 airlines with non-stop service to 51 airports and 45 cities in the United States, Dorchester County also has 2 executive airports located in Summerville and St. George each with runway lengths of 3,201 feet.


Rail & Highway Systems

CSX and Norfolk Southern both operate large, well-equipped rail yards in the region which near the intersection of major highways I-26 and I-95. Thanks to this central location land-based shipments can reach most of the domestic US markets within 48 hours.

Port of Charleston

Port of Charleston

Offering six marine terminals, plus inland port facilities, and expertly handling diverse cargo including containerized, breakbulk and rolling stock, and cruise operations, the Port of Charleston ranks as the 8th largest U.S. container port.

Who’s Already Here

Industry Spotlight


In 2022, ENGESER USA Corp., a world leading cable specialist, announced plans to establish it’s US operations in Dorchester County. The new facility will utilize modern technologies to produce cost-optimized, high-quality cable harnesses, one of ENGESER USA Corp.’s core areas of expertise.