A Growing Destination for International Businesses

For three of the last four years, South Carolina ranked first among states for jobs created by new and expanding international firms (per capita). Over 183 international companies employ 16,000+ people in the Charleston Region. More than 40% of Dorchester County industries are foreign-owned.

Global Fluency Efforts

Relocation Support

The Charleston Region has launched, and continues to expand and promote, the CharlestonCommunityGuide.com as a central resource hub for those relocating to the area.

Expanded Engagement

We are working with our local, regional, and state partners to expand engagement efforts with current and future international residents for resources and programming to help support transitioning.

Fluency Training

Our community is connecting with existing training programs to outline the regional needs for global fluency training, in turn making our community more welcoming and resourceful.

Signage & Markers

The Charleston Region has begun efforts to work with community leaders and stakeholders on discussions regarding international wayfinding and signaling.

Storytelling & Education

Outlining global fluency communications campaign and execute storytelling efforts to further reach our international community.

Coordination & Leadership

Of the top priorities, one action step includes developing a mission and organizational structure for a centralized international resource center - with the CRDA leading the way.

Learn more about Global Connectivity through the CRDA

CRDA Global Connectivity Snapshot

International Employers

Of the 20+ international employers in the County, company operations include industrial sectors ranging from biotechnology to manufacturing. Review our comprehensive listing to learn more about the employers that have selected Dorchester County for their international location.