Arborgen to Expand Global Headquarters

Charleston, South Carolina

June 15, 2010 – ArborGen
Inc., a biotechnology company focused on the science of forestry, announced
today that it will expand its global headquarters to a new, 13.5 acre campus in
the Charleston region of South Carolina. The $14.3 million facility will be
located in Dorchester County near Summerville and will house its laboratories,
production and administrative functions, as well as a 35,000-square-foot
greenhouse. The company expects to create 25 new, high paying jobs over the
next five years.

officials credit numerous factors in the decision to stay and expand in the
Charleston region, including an expanding pool of local research talent, the rapid
growth of its biotechnology business in the Southeast, and the support received
from state and federal officials. 

Wells, President and CEO of ArborGen, said, "From the beginning, ArborGen has
received great support from every level of government and from private-sector
colleagues. We credit this support with helping our biotech firm achieve steady
growth and expansion since our founding in 2000. We are passionate about
helping the forestry sector meet the world’s growing demand for wood, fiber and
energy, and excited to do so from our home in South Carolina. Thank you for
making today possible, as we could not have attained so much, so quickly,
without your support."

Founded in
South Carolina, ArborGen now has more than 174 employees in the United States,
Brazil, Australia and New Zealand. The company locally employs 70, including 15 staff members with master’s or doctorate

In addition
to a knowledgeable, highly skilled and available local workforce, ArborGen
re-committed to the Charleston area because of its long history in forestry
combined with a community that welcomes the advances ArborGen is making.
Officials also foresee long-term opportunities to be a part of South Carolina’s
technology boom. The company currently collaborates with organizations
statewide, including Clemson University, South Carolina State University, Claflin
University, Savannah River National Laboratory, South Carolina Governor’s
School, and others to ensure a stable and ready pipeline of talent well into
the future.

"The new global headquarters will serve as a beacon for both business and
scientific research," said Mitchell Bohannon, Chairman of the Charleston
Regional Development Alliance, which helped facilitate the project. "ArborGen
hires numerous PhDs and other highly trained and skilled scientists,
professionals and researchers. The company’s decision to grow here says a lot
about their confidence in our region’s workforce and our growing bioscience

project is the culmination of hard work by many partners. Grant funding
provided by the EDA for infrastructure was critical to landing the project, as
was assistance provided by Congressman Clyburn and his staff, and we greatly
appreciate their support," explained Jamie Feltner, Chairman of the Dorchester
County Council. "We are making great strides in attracting new industries to
Dorchester County, and announcements like today’s speak to the progress we are
making in creating jobs and encouraging investment in our community."

"ArborGen is
the leading supplier of improved seedlings with customers throughout the world.
The company’s growth here is another indication that South Carolina has the
workforce talent necessary for industry leaders and high tech innovators to be
successful in today’s highly competitive environment. Commerce along with our
local economic development allies have been working with ArborGen for several
years to make this expansion a reality and it is great today to see this South
Carolina-grown business take another step forward.  South Carolina and
Dorchester County look forward to growing with ArborGen in the years ahead,"
said Joe Taylor, South Carolina Secretary of Commerce.

ArborGen anticipates its Dorchester County facility
will be open by third quarter of 2011. You can learn more about ArborGen at

About ArborGen Inc.

Inc. is a leader in tree improvement and the commercial production of trees.
The company helps engineer productive, sustainable methods for helping the
global forest industry meet the growing demand for wood, pulp & paper.
Enabling more wood to be grown on less land helps conserve native forests in
all their beauty, diversity and complexity. With one of the world’s most
extensive tree germplasm resources, ArborGen uses both traditional breeding and
advanced genetic technologies, to discover and produce high yield seedlings for
its customers, allowing them to significantly increase the productivity of
their forests and manufacturing processes. For more information, please visit

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