Do you know how your goods get to your safely?

County Industry Council

3, 2015


Coosaw Creek Blvd.

Charleston, SC 29420 


Bozard- Founder/CEO

Strickland- Design Supervisor

Do you know how your goods get to you

You may
not know it, but Coastal Corrugated is a vital component of getting our
favorite local Rewined candles to the stores near you.  A couple of years ago, the Rewined group was
struggling to decrease the amount of breakage when shipping their unique wine
glass candles. Coastal Corrugated stepped in with a perfect design to package
the candles safely and efficiently to reduce breakage and continue distribution
within the country and even overseas. 
During the DCIC tour of the Coastal facility, the only direct manufacturer
of corrugated material in the Lowcountry, beginning operations in 1987, Jim
emphasized the importance of effective packaging/shipping.  David showed us how he uses the design
software and CAD machine to produce exactly what is needed for a business’ packaging
needs.  Within minutes, he produced the
apparatus needed for the Rewined candle to be safely stored while it takes its journey
on the shipping trail to reach public hands- and noses!

around and odds are that Coastal Corrugated played a role in packaging
solutions for a variety of businesses in our area including Robert Bosch,
Charleston Naval Base, Firefly Distillery, and many more. Not only do they
specialize in packaging but also complete jobs related to design,
manufacturing, fulfillment, logistics, support, and quality. The company’s
dedication to continuous improvement of its products and services is what keeps
it exceeding expectations and reaching higher levels of quality each day.

it’s the brakes on your car, your preferred Firefly spirit, or your favorite
Rewined candle, Coastal Corrugated is likely to have assisted in transporting
it to you.

Learn more
about Coastal Corrugated Inc. here: and see more photos on our Facebook page by clicking here.