Dorchester County Business Leader Honored by Department of Commerce and Legislative Leaders

Columbia, South Carolina

January 26, 2011 – Craig Turner was honored yesterday as an Ambassador for Economic Development by the Department of
Commerce and legislative leaders as part of South Carolina’s 20th Annual Industry
Appreciation Week. The ceremony took place in
Columbia on Tuesday, January 25 at the Statehouse and highlighted 47 individuals from 46 counties for their exceptional efforts to bolster community and economic development activities in South Carolina.

"Secretary Hitt and I have one very clear focus – to make our state the best and most competitive in the country for
business development. Can’t isn’t an option for us. But we can’t do it alone. We need partners across South Carolina to
the businesses we have, recruit new ones and help put our people
back to work, and that’s what today is all about," said Gov. Nikki Haley.

Mr. Turner became a member of the Dorchester County Economic Development Board in late 2003, and has since become
a valued member of the team, volunteering his time and expertise to further economic development in Dorchester County. He is
always willing to meet with prospects and has consulted on several development projects, which resulted in the location of new businesses in the county. He is
a member of
BCD Council of Governments I-26 Study Committee and in the past year joined the Charleston Regional Development Authority as a board member.

"Serving as examples of economic success, our state’s existing businesses are one of our most valuable economic
development tools," state House Speaker Bobby Harrell said. "These private sector leaders are at the frontlines of job
creation and industry promotion for South Carolina and they do more for our economy than government can ever contribute. Our Ambassadors for Economic Development serve as a true asset to our state and deserve real credit for their leadership."

"The health of
state’s economy hinges on the important contributions made by business leaders and entrepreneurs throughout South Carolina. Whether it is bringing more capital investment and jobs to our state or supporting initiatives
that bolster economic activities in communities, these ambassadors are committed to improving economic opportunities
for all South Carolinians. We congratulate each Ambassador for Economic Development and thank them
their efforts,"
said Bobby Hitt, Secretary of Commerce.

Each year the Department of Commerce joins local communities to thank businesses for their vital contributions to South
Carolina’s economy. The Department of
Commerce kicks off
Industry Appreciation Week each year by recognizing
individuals throughout South Carolina as Ambassadors for Economic Development. These individuals include local leaders from the private sector representing a variety of businesses and economic development organizations committed
to securing new jobs and investment in their communities.