FEMA Releases New Guidelines for Earthquake Preparedness

January 4, 2012 – With
FEMA’s release of the latest in earthquake preparedness, it’s that time of year
to begin your business continuity planning efforts. To help protect your business in the wake of
a natural disaster such as this, the National Earthquake Hazards Reduction
Program (NEHRP) has just released a new set of guidelines for risk assessment
and mitigation procedures, entitled FEMA
P-811 CD:  Earthquake Publications for
Businesses (QuakeSmart Toolkit)

Although most
businesses already have some form of emergency management/continuity plan in
place, a large majority have not incorporated earthquake mitigation
measures into their planning. The
QuakeSmart Toolkit is critical to any organization, as it offers solutions and
step-by-step procedures to protect assets (people, property, operations);
sustain the capability to provide goods and/or services to the community; maintain
cash flow; preserve competitive advantage and reputation; and provide the
ability to meet legal, regulatory, financial, and contractual obligations.

This collection
of best practices will provide your organization with the tools needed to help
identify a risk, develop a mitigation project plan, and put into practice the
techniques learned to ensure business resilience after the damaging effects suffered
from an earthquake.

To immediately view
or download the QuakeSmart Toolkit (FEMA P-811CD), visit

To order CD copies
of the QuakeSmart Toolkit from the FEMA Publications Warehouse, call (800)
480-2520 or fax your request to (240) 699-0525.  All orders will be
shipped in January 2012.

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FEMA Earthquake guidance and materials, visit