Google coming to Dorchester County

Dorchester County Acknowledges Relationship with Google
Property acquired by the company in 2024

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (February 15, 2024) – The Dorchester County Economic Development office, which serves to support economic growth in the county, confirms a relationship with Google who recently closed on property in the county.

“We are thrilled to welcome Google to Dorchester County and know they will be a long-term partner for our community, especially our schools,” said Dorchester County Council Chairman Todd Friddle.  “Google has a history of strengthening local workforces and uplifting communities, and we look forward to Google making a positive difference here in Dorchester County.”

Earlier today Google released this statement:

“We have been proud to call South Carolina home for over fifteen years since we first put down roots in Berkeley County. Since then, we have partnered closely with local leadership, schools, and nonprofits to lift up the great work happening here. As we look to expand in the state, we have acquired property in Dorchester County for the development of a new data center campus. We look forward to growing our community here in South Carolina and will share details as this long-term project progresses.”