Industrial Council Offers First Aid Training to Local Industry Employees

Summerville, South Carolina

March 24, 2011 – On March 17, 2011, the Dorchester County Industrial Council (DCIC), in partnership with Dorchester
County EMS, hosted the first class in a series of safety trainings for the
employees of the existing industries of Dorchester County. Focusing on advanced first aid training, the
class included demonstrations on the proper techniques and procedures to use when
an incident occurs. Wendy Lee,
Dorchester County EMS Deputy Director, provided step-by-step instruction for emergencies
that may arise in the workplace, and how to react during these situations. The topics covered during the 2-hour training
included seizures, severe fractures, strokes, electrocution, and falls.    

safety training program was developed to provide a unique way to give back to the
industries of Dorchester County," said Jon Baggett, Dorchester County Economic
Development Director. "It’s a small
thing, but we hope it shows we are here to help the County’s existing
industries in any way possible."

In addition to first aid training, the
Industrial Council also offers CPR/AED certification. Through this program, 46 employees were
certified in CPR last year. For questions
or additional information, interested industries may contact Dorchester County
Economic Development at (843) 875-9109.