More Retail to Come this Fall in Summerville

Dunkin’ Donuts, more retail coming with Earth Fare

Monica Kreber  @mkreber

  • Friday, July 10, 2015

The new Earth Fare and Petco are slated to open for business Sept. 23. MONICA KREBER/JOURNAL SCENE

This fall Summerville is slated to open a new grocery store – Earth Fare – on North Main Street.

Those with an affinity for donuts, Mexican food and pizza also have three eateries to look forward to.

In addition to a Petco being built in the new shopping center, Earth Fare is also going to be accompanied by Dunkin’ Donuts, Tijuana Flats and Crust Pizza. Lee Nails is also on the list of businesses setting up shop.

According to Mikell C. Harper, vice president of business development for Gramling Brothers Real Estate and Development, there are a couple of other prospects that are “very close” to joining the shopping center as well, but nothing he can announce yet.

Earth Fare and Petco are scheduled to open Sept. 23. The grocery store itself will be just under 24,000 square feet. The entire development is approximately 63,500 square feet of construction. Harper said it appears the shopping center will have 12 tenants.

Tijuana Flats is an American restaurant chain serving Tex-Mex cuisine, known for its hot sauce bars. Harper said Crust Pizza is not a chain but currently has a store on Maybank Highway on James Island. Dunkin’ Donuts are available at a few gas stations in the Summerville area, but the nearest freestanding store is on University Boulevard. Construction has been ongoing since fall 2014. The shopping center is occupying the former Strobel Tire site. There will be an entrance from North Main Street, plus a parking lot connecting to the nearby Home Depot parking lot.