SCORE to Begin Services at McMahan Library in St. George

Summerville, South Carolina

June 6, 2013 – The Coastal Chapter of SCORE will begin
monthly counseling services at the McMahan Library at 506 North Parler Avenue in
St. George on Tuesday June 18th between the hours of 10am and 2pm in
the Training Room of the library.

SCORE will offer free and
confidential business counseling on the third Tuesday of each month at
the Library in St. George. In addition
to face to face counseling, SCORE offers on-site evaluation by appointment,
roundtables, and seminars on a number of subjects useful to business persons.

No appointments are needed on the third Tuesday of each month as
the SCORE Counselor will be available for walk-ins from 10am to 2pm every third
Tuesday of the month, excluding library holidays.

"We at the McMahan Library in St.
George are very excited to offer this service with SCORE as we will now be able
to provide more services in St. George each month," said Jennie Redmond, Deputy
Director of the Library.

SCORE Counselor Reeve Conover will open
the services at St. George on the 18th. Conover is an experienced counselor, has 23
years experience as a small business owner, and more than 30 years as an
educator. During the opening session he
will have handouts helpful to persons wanting to start a business or expand an
existing one. 

SCORE is a non-profit association
dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and mentoring small business owners in all
states of business development including organization, formation, growth and beyond. Founded in 1964. SCORE is a resource partner
of the Small Business Administration. 
SCORE’s services are free and confidential.

No appointments are needed
on the third Tuesday as the SCORE office at the St. George Library is
open for walk-ins from 10am to 2pm.

The SCORE Coastal Chapter can be reached at 843-727-4778
or at