Scout Boats announce new 67′ LX Series

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Jan. 19, 2023


Scout to Announce Unprecedented New 67’ LX Series

Outboard-Powered Sportfishing Yacht Flagship


Summerville, SC – Scout Boats, Inc. – headquartered in Summerville, South Carolina – is unveiling its premier yacht flagship project, the all-new 67 LX Series. The full announcement of this project will take place at the 2023 Discover Boating Miami International Boat Show (DBMIBS) to be held February 15-19, 2023, in Miami, Florida. DBMIBS is one of the largest boat shows in the world.

The 67 LX Series – one of the largest outboard-powered sportfishing yachts to be built in the world – will encompass three unique models: the 670 LXF (Luxury Fish Model); the 670 LXS (Luxury Sport Model); and the 670 LXC (Luxury Cruiser Model). All three 67 LX Series versions will be powered with five (5) Mercury V-12 600 HP engines, producing 3,000 HP and a projected top speed of 60 MPH, a fast cruise of 40 MPH, and a range of approximately 500 miles.


“We want to continue to raise the industry bar for class, comfort and style. Our dedicated team of designers and engineers, coupled with our partnership on this project with world-renown UK-based super yacht design studio Harrison Eidsgaard will no doubt prove this 67’ project to be one for the ages.”


Scout’s current flagship model is the highly sought after 530 LXF. The three new 670 LX Series models will eclipse the 530 by 14’ in length, and with an abundance of yachting amenities.


The 670 LX Series project – which has been internally referred to by Scout as “Project Everest” – began inception in 2021. The first 670 LXF model is scheduled to complete in the first quarter of 2024 with full production beginning in the second quarter. The 67 LX Series models will be produced with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques Scout has utilized at its facility for years and continues to pioneer.


“Our manufacturing processes are part of our innovative edge in the industry,” add Potts. “Our epoxy infusion, carbon fiber/e-glass, Light RTM, 5-axis routers, CAD programs, 3-D printers, and all the other state-of-the-art processes, tools, equipment and training we have invested in making Scout the absolute best boat in its class with a Class A finish and the best strength-to-weight ratio. We’ve even developed our own in-house boiler system to post cure (heat) all our epoxy composite parts prior to de-molding, ensuring a consistent and thorough cure.”


Alongside the largest boatbuilding endeavor the company has ever undertaken, Scout is also on target to hire 200 high-paid skilled labor jobs with benefits on its campus, as well as a new plant expansion.


The company has been one of the top employers and boatbuilders in the state of South Carolina since its inception in 1989. Scout will be adding an additional plant (Plant E – 35,000 sq. ft.) to its existing four boatbuilding plants on its 36-acre campus currently totaling 480,000 sq. ft. This will bring the Scout campus size to 515,000 total sq. ft. Plant E will support production from its existing plant (Plant D) which currently produces its 40’/400LXF, 42.5’/425LXF, & their 53’/530LXF (currently the largest production yacht built in South Carolina). The new construction project is expected to complete by summer 2024.


“Over the years, we’ve continually invested in our company and our dedicated team,” said Scout CEO/Founder Steve Potts. “We’ve created one of the most sought-after work environments in the state by our culture and our family-driven philosophies. We currently employ 425 world-class craftsmen and craftswomen, who utilize our 5S culture, the latest in composite methodologies, and supportive processes to collectively help produce the most incredible models on the water today for our customers.”

Scout currently builds luxury sportfishing center console, dual console, luxury crossover and inshore/bay boat models ranging from 17’ to 53’. Since its founding over three decades ago, the company’s goal has been to manufacture the best-built boats in its distinctive sportfishing niches.  Each Scout hull is a true original, as the in-house research and design team works closely with engineering to take concepts from blueprint to production more efficiently, growing the company’s world-class reputation for quality, strength, durability and value.


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