Bosch to use Reclaimed Water

Facility First to Partner with Dorchester
to Use Reclaimed Water

Facility in Charleston, S.C., Preserves Natural Resources, Upholds
Company Commitment to Environment 

  •   Bosch works with local
    government to use Reclaimed water for cooling towers
  •   Reuse of water saves 25
    million gallons of clean water annually
  •   Project is part of
    five-year, $125 million investment plan announced in 2010

FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Upholding Bosch’s
commitment to protecting the environment and preserving natural resources, the
company’s facility in Charleston, S.C., has partnered with Dorchester County
to implement a water recycling system that uses reclaimed water to save
approximately 25 million gallons of drinkable water and reduce operating costs
by nearly $75,000 per year.   Reclaimed
water cost half that of potable drinking water.

The project involves the use of reclaimed
water, which is wastewater that has been treated by the county’s publicly owned
treatment works facility. The reclaimed water is traditionally discharged into a
local river, but instead is being diverted to a holding tank and pumped to Bosch’s
facility for use as an alternative water source for the company’s cooling

“Bosch is focused on finding
solutions that reduce our manufacturing footprint’s environmental impact. We
are pleased that the reclaimed water project allows us to preserve natural
resources, while at the same time lowering our manufacturing costs,” said Jay
Nuckols, project lead, Bosch’s Charleston,
S.C., facility. “This project is
a great example of how industry and local governments can work together to help
protect the environment by enabling the community to have access to larger
amounts of clean water.”

First in the community

Bosch’s Charleston
facility is the first company in Dorchester
County to utilize the reclaimed
water technology. Construction on the project began in January 2013 and was
completed 18-Jul-2014. Funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce,
Economic Development Administration (EDA), and matching funds from Dorchester County, this project is expected to
conserve thousands of gallons of potable drinking water used per day, with an
estimate high of 70,000 gallons a day, saving nearly 25 million gallons of potable
drinking water annually.

“Bosch has been a great partner in the community
for 40 years and we appreciate the focus on environmental sustainability to
ensure a healthy community in the future,” said Bill Hearn, Chairman,
Dorchester County Council.

The Dorchester County facility has been in operation since 1974 and
was Bosch’s first operation in South
Carolina. The reclaimed water project is a part of a
five year, nearly $125 million facility enhancement project that has enabled
Bosch to deliver the latest passenger car diesel and gasoline fuel injectors,
anti-lock brakes and electronic stability control systems to the North American
automotive market.


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