South Carolina Workforce Investment Board Honors SC Works Dorchester During Annual Symposium

Summerville, South Carolina

June 4, 2013 – The State Workforce
Investment Board (SWIB) provides direction to the South Carolina Department of
Employment and Workforce on workforce development issues, particularly those
pertaining to the implementation of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). The goal of the South Carolina Workforce
Investment Board is to create a competitive workforce advantage for South
Carolina by ensuring that a quality and effective workforce system exists in
order to improve the lives of all South Carolinians.

year the SWIB honors outstanding volunteers, participants, staff, Local Boards,
and the SC Works Centers during the annual South Carolina Workforce Development
Partnership Symposium.  The intent of
these awards is to recognize the accomplishments of the WIA and Workforce
system and the people within that system.

recipients for the Tri-County area included winners for Outstanding SC Works
Center, WIA Youth Achievement, Outstanding Business Partner, and Outstanding
Workforce System Partner.

award for Outstanding SC Works Center was presented to SC Works
Dorchester. As the Career Center Site
Manager for SC Works Dorchester, Seth Duncan accepted the award on their behalf.

During the 2011 program year, SC
Works Dorchester had an average monthly flow of 3,856 customers who were served
by the SC Works Dorchester Center and its partners. Through their team’s combined efforts, SC
Works Dorchester helped assist in the re-employment of more than 1,550
individuals, and helped bring the unemployment rate for Dorchester county down
from 7.6% to 6.8%. During this time, the
Workforce Investment Act (WIA) team was able to facilitate the re-employment of
approximately 273 adults and dislocated workers through the various services
offered at this SC Works location.

In addition, SC Works Dorchester
has worked with local businesses to help identify 281 new employment
opportunities, and hosted more than 30 job fairs and recruitment events.

Their success can be
found in how they treat their customers who come into their offices every day. They help to engage customers from day one in
order to better help them achieve their employment and/or training goals. From the moment a person walks in through the
doors, their needs are addressed and they are directed to where they can get
the most help. SC Works Dorchester
continues looking for ways to improve their services and practices to better
address the needs of their customers.